New York City’s Finest!

NewYork_Polaroid_03Brooke Josa at Wilhelmina
Instagram @brookejosa

NewYork_Polaroid_06Danielle Hamm at Elite
Instagram @starslovethesky

NewYork_Polaroid_12Mila Filatova at Major Model Management

NewYork_Polaroid_25Celestine Rioux at Wilhelmina
Instagram @lovecelerysticks


New York City is known for a lot of things… Home of the Yankees, the Empire State, the yellow taxi cab, hotdogs, all night street parties, international fashion brands and some of the world’s best models. This month we find ourselves setting up shop in NYC’s Meat Packing District. Our home from home for the week is the ever popular The Standard Hotel. She stands on 3 story high stilts towering over The High Line, a community project that has seen the old industrial transport line from 34th Street to St John’s Park regenerated to become a city park and walkway now home to street food vendors, morning dance parties, yoga classes and much, much more.

Held up in Milk Studios NYC, we shot and cast over 70 of New York’s finest. Hiring 14 of the cream of the crop to shoot Regis Inc’s name sake salons new America wide campaign.  As a little extra ahead of the release of the main images here are some casting Polaroids (shot on Impossible Project film).

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NewYork_Polaroid_27Sherelle Sebastian at Maggie Agency

NewYork_Polaroid_26Brooke Josa at Wilhelmina
Instagram @brookejosa

NewYork_Polaroid_24Eve Tramunt at Wilhelmina
Instagram @evetramunt

NewYork_Polaroid_23John Todd at Next Model Management
Instagram @johnjamestodd

NewYork_Polaroid_22Meron Mamo at Red Model Management

NewYork_Polaroid_21Sarah Tansey at Wilhelmina
Instagram @tansey_sarah

NewYork_Polaroid_20Holly Croft at MSA Models
Instagram @hollycroftmodel

NewYork_Polaroid_19Silvia Dimitrova at Adam Models NYC
Instagram @dimitrovasilvia

NewYork_Polaroid_18Halycon Powe at Wilhelmina
Instagram @halcyonpowe

NewYork_Polaroid_17Stacy Ann Fequiere at Ford Models
Instagram @topmodelstacyann

NewYork_Polaroid_15Ashley Milino at Elite

NewYork_Polaroid_13Alex Rubio at Elite

NewYork_Polaroid_11Kaylee Quilling at Wilhelmina

NewYork_Polaroid_10Danielle Smit at Next Model Management

NewYork_Polaroid_09Gal Yakir at Elite
Instagram @gyakir

NewYork_Polaroid_08Erin Williams at Wilhelmina
Instagram @erinwilliamsmodel

NewYork_Polaroid_07Celia Becker at Wilhelmina
Instagram @cehbecker

NewYork_Polaroid_05Halycon Powe at Wilhelmina
Instagram @halcyonpowe

NewYork_Polaroid_04Kaliah Ng at Wilhelmina
Instagram @kailahng

NewYork_Polaroid_02Trese San Wong at Wilhelmina

NewYork_Polaroid_01Angela Jonsson at Ford Models
Instagram @ang_jonsson

Maggie Agency
Next Model Management
Red Model Management
Adam Models
Ford Models


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