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Photography H Campbell
Make Up: Ana Cruzalegui
Hair: Gary Lees
All models from Model Team

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SterlingBiscuitFactory_06089SterlingBiscuitFactory_05706 SterlingBiscuitFactory_06492 SterlingBiscuitFactory_05727

Back in 2015, we were commissioned by a regular client to take their product on location for an industrial warehouse inspired shoot. This gave us a chance to get really creative, building many different looks within a single space. Shoots like this come with an array of challenges as the images are required to fit various different specs for print adverts, online use and editorial usage. Shot on location in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Styling and props by Great Brink

Model: Viola Marx at Amaze Models Germany and Model Team UK
Instagram @violamarx

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Model: Robyn Crumlish at Model Team

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_HCP5442_HCP6629From the on going series ‘In the office’ the other posts from this series are listed here

Model: Emily Shakarji at Model Team

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There are few things nicer than being asked to shoot in your home city. Edinburgh has a charm that is hard to define. It would be easy to say that it’s a visually beautiful city with its castle, palace, parliament and host of rich architecture. But it is it’s undulations, it’s curves, it’s peeks and troughs upon which the city lays that splits it’s personality and leads to it’s diversity. It’s people are serious without being sullen and the town has a self cautious undercurrent meaning you pretty much get left too get on with it.

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SWG36411960780_10203998783464645_268900327869567278_oSWG3 recently renovated their photography studio and hosted a launch party. We were asked to do a live photoshoot at the event, shooting tethered to Capture One enabled us to display the photographs in real time via a projector

Models: Jodi Alexander, Eilidh MacDonald, Elena Georgiou, Olivia Ross, Adonis Manginas, Ben Taylor & Lee Davidson – All from Model Team

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_HCP4214 _HCP4297 _HCP4445

Flowers featuring model Nicola Mimnagh

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InPrintAnna Clough at Nemesis on the cover of  The Herald magazine. More hereInPrint (3)Lion of Porches AW14

For a photographer, seeing your work in print – holding a magazine, flicking through a catalog or taking a cheeky iPhone snap of your image in a shop window is an amazing feeling. It makes all the hard work seem completely worth it.

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Hair shoot for Austen Thomson Hair, images taken for an upcoming competition. Shot on location in Austen Thomson Hair, Edinburgh.

Hair: Austen and Louise Thomson
Make up: Karen Bowen
Stylist: Ian Tod
Models: Victoria Middleton, Emily Fulton, Ashley Jane, Danni Menzies and Rachel Jackson


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